IMG_1656Due to high demand, we have expanded, and now offer camps in three locations!

SOUTH: Austin EcoSchool (4105 Manchaca Road, 78704)
EAST: Austin Tinkering School, NEW location!(1122 Airport Blvd.78702)
EAST: Austin Tinkering School, old location (2013 Holly St. 78702)


Airport Blvd Camps

2015-06-08Tinkering: Juniors
2015-06-15Art, Tinkering, and Technology: Ages 6-10
2015-06-22Maker Scouts (ages 6-10, 2nd session)
2015-06-29Meet Your Materials (ages 5-9, 2nd session)
2015-07-06Tinkering: Seniors
2015-07-13Maker Scouts (ages 6-10, 2nd session)
2015-07-20Meet your Materials (ages 5-9, 1st session)
2015-07-27Art, Tinkering, and Technology (ages 9-14)
2015-08-03Tinkering Juniors (ages 6-10) *Just Added!*
2015-08-10Maker Scouts (ages 6-10), third session *JUST ADDED*
2015-08-17Tinkering: Seniors (ages 9-14) : session 2
2015-12-28Winter Break Tinkering camp : ages 6-10

Manchaca Camps

2015-06-08Tinkering: Music and Sound (Juniors)
2015-06-15Tinkering: Ridiculously Complicated Machines (Juniors, 1st session)
2015-06-22Tinkering: Shelter and Structure (Juniors, 1st session)
2015-06-29Tinkering: Ridiculously Complicated Machines (Ages 9-14)
2015-07-06Tinkering: Shelters and Structure (Juniors, 2nd session)
2015-07-13Tinkering: Ridiculously Complicated Machines (Juniors, 2nd session)
2015-07-20Tinkering: Tournament (Seniors, ages 9-14)
2015-07-27Tinkering: Living Machines (ages 10-14)

Holly Street Camps

2015-06-22Art and Tinkering (ages 3-5, 1st session)
2015-06-29Art and Tinkering (ages 3-5, 2nd session)
2015-07-06Art and Tinkering (ages 3-5, 3rd session)
2015-07-13Art and Tinkering (ages 3-5, 4th session)
2015-07-27Art and Tinkering (ages 3-5) 5th session *Just added!*