Nerdy Derby

Austin Tinkering School is the proud owner of our very own Nerdy Derby Track! The Nerdy Derby combines the spirit of The BoyScouts’s Pinewood derby with the spirit of EXTREME making. There is only one rule for a Nerdy Derby car; it can’t be dangerous. ATS will bring the Nerdy Derby track to you, set it up, help build cars, coordinate races, and tear down.

Cost is $700 for 2 hours of Nerdy Derby racing and serves 5-20 participants. We are happy to accommodate extra participants, please contact us.

The Nerdy Derby track requires, at a minimum, a 50’ long, 10’ wide, and 10’ tall, clear, flat space. An outside space is ok as long as weather permits. Outdoor races will be canceled for rain. Ages 6-106.

Schedule Nerdy Derby