Art Camp: part 1!

What an awesome week we had at Art Camp!

On Monday we welcomed our first guest teacher, Christopher Locke of Heartless Machine (I’ll probably never stop raving about his kickstarter informercial for the Heartless Machine Guide to Drawing).

Chris showed us how to make instant books.  First he showed us a few of his own (hilarity ensued):

And then he shared his special recipe:

Start your first page with a hilarious animal, a name, and a profession.  Then introduce the second character.  On the third page there is a conflict of some kind, which on the fourth page is resolved, and then on the fifth page you wrap it all up with a bow. 

Luckily you still have the back page for your SURPRISE ENDING:

We started work on our string art project. Painting and hammering… straight-forward and satisfying.

On Wednesday artist Melissa Knight came to tell us about her work and to lead us in a fabric collage project.

The hand-dyed and batiked fabric that Melissa brought for us to work with was so beautiful.  A very satisfying project!


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Kami runs Austin Tinkering School. After running a preschool as well as teaching art, science, nature, and carpentry classes, she saw Gever Tulley’s TED talk, 5 Dangerous Things (you should let your children do) and realized that Austin needed a tinkering school, stat. Gever Tulley came to visit Austin and he agreed. Now she, also, has had the pleasure of putting power tools in the hands of second graders, and has loved every minute of it.

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