Flying Finish at Ann Richard’s

Well, we wrapped up another amazing week at Ann Richards School last Friday and what a blast! We must thank the campers, the amazing staff at Ann Richards, and our teen and adult collaborators. This excellent camp wouldn’t have happened without y’all!

Now to the photos!

Team Panda certainly took the award for best branding, most cohesive social media campaign, and their bi-plane was pretty cool too!

All the teams were inspired by Picki’s giant sling shot and built small egg protecting boxes to fling off the platform. This one was an egg retirement home!

Nooi is looking pretty cool!

Team Picki is proud of their revamped flying machine. After a couple rounds of failure they found a sturdy, stable little design.

Thursday’s testing goes pretty well. Proper launch technique will be a great challenge.

And then comes the big day… We modified last week’s launch platform a bit and got it assembled in the field.

And let the flinging begin!

Honestly, the sling shot had better results on the ground. But all eggs survived!

First up, Panda.

Blurry flight is still flight!

Kablooi presents their amazing flying dart. Two weeks running, this type of design proved to be very successful.

Erin helps hoist Nooi’s flying cat creature onto the platform.

A great launch and successful flight from Nooi’s flying box!

And the egg lives!

Picki preps to sling their flying machine!!!

All the eggs made it intact! Thanks again to Ann Richards, what a great camp! See y’all soon.



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Kami runs Austin Tinkering School. After running a preschool as well as teaching art, science, nature, and carpentry classes, she saw Gever Tulley’s TED talk, 5 Dangerous Things (you should let your children do) and realized that Austin needed a tinkering school, stat. Gever Tulley came to visit Austin and he agreed. Now she, also, has had the pleasure of putting power tools in the hands of second graders, and has loved every minute of it.

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