Maker Scouts! (again)

Maker Scouts is always so much fun, each week we choose a topic/theme/idea/word and explore. This week our magic word was energy. Mostly that applied to the enthusiasm of this group of kiddos! All had an intense passion for tinkering, making, and, you guessed it, plenty of ENERGY!

Piyali warms up with the hand saw.

Kami introduces the first challenge: To lift a collaborator!

And Griffin busts some moves.

Eliza is not to be outdone!

August checks out a model wind farm that Terry Garity brought in to share with the Tinkerers.

Solar and crank energy were also on display.


And Snap Circuits! This age group was really engaged with the Snap Circuit projects.

“Tobin, do you have a question about Energy? No, just about diapers? Cool.”

Iris gets a lift.

Dash tires!

Carl checks out a collaborator lifting device. (later re-purposed for a pretty awesome slide)

We spent much of Wednesday waiting for the wind to come up for an energy generation demo from kPower. Though the wind wasn’t great the technology was pretty impressive!


Anna and Eliza put a shiny coat of paint on their shelves.

Anna and Jonas work on the lunch lifter. It seems lunches are much easier to lift than collaborators.

Friday’s shocking guest was ARC ATTACK! We were so excited to have these world renowned artists in our own back yard workshop!

Ellie demonstrates wireless illumination of a fluorescent bulb!

Anna and Eliza haul away just a few pieces of furniture they tinkered up during camp!

Though we never got a collaborator more than a few feet of the ground the camp was a BLAST! What an amazing group of self lead tinkerers. See y’all again next year!





About Kami

Kami runs Austin Tinkering School. After running a preschool as well as teaching art, science, nature, and carpentry classes, she saw Gever Tulley’s TED talk, 5 Dangerous Things (you should let your children do) and realized that Austin needed a tinkering school, stat. Gever Tulley came to visit Austin and he agreed. Now she, also, has had the pleasure of putting power tools in the hands of second graders, and has loved every minute of it.

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