Maker Seniors 2014

Maker Seniors is always such a treat for ATS. We really get to tackle some serious projects, we can crank up the tools we use and the Tinkerers have the capacity to really create a healthy dose of awesome! This week we turned to an old favorite with a new twist. It’s been a while since we did boats and this year each team was challenged with a specific material.

Collaborator Joel and Jack work out the wooden frame for their cardboard boat. Yes, CARDBOARD!

Team Pickie test one of their two model boats.

Kami and her team discuss plans for their PVC craft.

We found some amazing goodies at bulky pick-up! 10 water bottle jugs came in pretty handy for the cycle powered raft platform.

Sealing up the cardboard seems like a pretty good idea!

Greg puts the drill press through it’s paces putting a few holes in steel brackets.

The paddle boat comes together nicely!

The final boat is a plywood jon boat.

It spins! And fast!

YES! WELDING! The camp was a twitter with ‘don’t look at the welding ark’ speak.


Looks pretty good up there!

A little front heavy but VERY successful!

The SS. Bazertle Bout (Bizarre Turtle)  prepares for its maiden voyage.

She floats! All four Tinkerers!

The cardboard boat tests the waters.


All the boats floated their teams and we had an amazing time building and sailing these crafts. Thank to everyone for all their hard work!



About Kami

Kami runs Austin Tinkering School. After running a preschool as well as teaching art, science, nature, and carpentry classes, she saw Gever Tulley’s TED talk, 5 Dangerous Things (you should let your children do) and realized that Austin needed a tinkering school, stat. Gever Tulley came to visit Austin and he agreed. Now she, also, has had the pleasure of putting power tools in the hands of second graders, and has loved every minute of it.

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